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Triple-Bottom-Line Management

Social or corporate responsibility is not, of course, a new concept. Its value for individuals, organisations and the community has been recognised around the world for centuries.

But what has changed in recent times is the level of transparency required by an increasingly informed and "spin-resistant" public. Today, an organisation's socially responsible activities must be strategically conducted in a way that not only genuinely benefits the community, but does so with the full awareness and approval of all shareholders and stakeholders.

emdf Consultancy can manage this process in its entirety, leaving your key personnel free to pursue core management responsibilities. Through the identification, establishment and coordination of links to the community that represent the "right fit" for your organisation, we will seek to deliver:

  • Greater job satisfaction and fulfilment for staff
  • Stronger productivity for your organisation as a whole
  • Increased goodwill from shareholders and stakeholders
  • More effective services for those in need