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Marketing, Advertising & PR

To be effective, marketing, advertising and PR campaigns must do many things. They must engage the interest of your target audience, deliver a clear, compelling message, differentiate you from competitors and prompt a positive response.

It can be quite a challenge, particularly when creative cut-through, return on investment and management efficiencies are all deemed of equal priority.

It's a challenge, however, that emdf Consultancy is more than able to meet. With extensive experience and expertise, and informed by a keen understanding of societal trends and changing community attitudes, emdf Consultancy is able to provide:

  • Comprehensive strategic marketing, advertising and/or PR communication plans
  • Top-level management support for the execution of any or all aspects of your communication plan(s), whether developed internally or by emdf
  • Creative development and execution of integrated tactical advertising, direct mail, on-line marketing and/or PR campaigns
  • Advice on the most appropriate and effective media selection for your specific campaign(s)
  • Highly cost-effective media buying – print, TV and radio