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Adelaide Festival Centre Foundation

emdf Consultancy Director Elizabeth Davis personally developed the Adelaide Festival Centre Foundation from the ground up - from its establishment as a legal entity in 1998 to management of its day-to-day operations as a flourishing self-funded not-for-profit institution in the Australian arts community right up until 2005.

Elizabeth considers this role to have been one of the greatest privileges she's ever had and simultaneously one of the greatest challenges she's faced, as the arts sector is renowned for being the most difficult within which to raise funds.

During this period her achievements included:

  • Establishment of a contemporary board, comprised of members who recognised the importance of "asking" for donations
  • Major capital campaign undertaken, raising $2m
  • Installation of specialist marketing database software
  • Direct mail campaigns undertaken to develop and nurture potential donors
  • Grants sourced and direct mail campaigns undertaken to fund the restoration of significant works of art
  • Development of a volunteer base to undertake tours of the Adelaide Festival Centre. This included the development of an induction program and ongoing professional development initiatives that ensured volunteers took "ownership" of their development as a group
  • Special-event volunteer committees established to develop fundraising events for the "Y" demographic and long-time patrons of the arts
  • Unique fundraising campaigns developed for individual projects, such as the purchase of a new Festival Theatre grand piano
  • Major gifts campaign for the purchase of a new Festival Theatre stage curtain
  • Development of a $1/4m Indigenous Art Collection
  • Submissions to philanthropy trusts for the funding of specific projects
  • Strategic plans for the long-term supported by marketing plans for the organisation and individual campaigns/projects
  • Establishment of a bequest campaign.

Elizabeth's time with the Adelaide Festival Centre Foundation provided fantastic experience working closely with both long-standing patrons of the arts as well as the corporate sector.